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Traffic Exchanges & Safelists:

Traffic and Safelist sites are used for advertising your websites, business opportunities, and so forth. All members of a free or paid safelist websites agree to receive advertising emails from the other members. It benefits you by allowing you to advertise to a number of people via email, without having to resort to spam.

Below are the best traffic exchange and Safelist sites that you can also easily earn money from. Click on the banners or links below to create an account in each site.


  1. Create an account with Hercules for targeted traffic and sales. Also get $5 sign up bonus and earn affiliate commission. Join Here
  2. Create an account with Buildabizadexchange and get $50 worth of free traffic credits. It’s the traffic program of Buildabizonline (BABO) that i put in Affiliate Resources page. BABO has been around for more than a decade and has added many free features in their services including this Ad-Exchange feature that also has good commission package. Join Here
  3. Create an account with FreeAdvertizingForYou. Get $50 welcome credit bonus. By opening emails of other members sent to your inbox, you can generate up to a million ad credits in 1 month to advertise your website and business. Has many avenues for earning credits and cash and you can also upgrade without paying by completing daily tasks. Join Here
  4. Create an account with Viralurl: Link shortener, cloaking, email list building, traffic and commissions. You will be able to send emails not only to your direct referrals with this VIRAL list-building, but also to your downline 7 levels deep. For example if you have 5 referrals, normally you would want to email those 5, but with the VIRAL list-building benefits, you can email your entire downline, that is your referrals’ referrals. This means that if those 5 have also referred 5 each, you can now email 55 instead of only 5. So the chain becomes longer which means a single email would go viral to your downline up to 7 levels deep. Also, you can earn high commissions on direct sales. Join Here
  5. Create an account with trafficadbar. Earn extra monthly credits and money on your referrals. Join Here
  6. Sign up for viral mail profits. Get 1,000,000 Visitors a month: Click Here
  7. Safelist Extreme: Get 50,000 Free email credits: Click Here
  8. ListJoe: This is purely by email exchange. Read emails and send targeted emails to thousands of ListJoe members. Join Here
  9. EliteDownlineBuilder, MillionLeadsForFree and Myviraladtraffic are very good free traffic systems in getting traffic to your site. In addition, you earn ad credits and cash from affiliate commissions. Click on each banner above to join all.
  10. Traffic Exchange Matrix- This has brought in a new concept to traffic exchanges in that you not only get traffic to your site by surfing, you also automatically gain credit everyday to enter into the matrix and stand a chance to win more credits or cash every week. You also earn up to 40% commission on referrals that upgrade. Join Here

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